Restaurant Bar


Main Restaurant
In our open buffet, you can taste the distinguished flavors of Turkish and World cuisine prepared under completely hygienic conditions by our professional team with creative presentations. In our menu, we also serve vegan, allergens, gullet-free, loctose-free food for your comfort and health. If you have any other requests, our chefs will be happy to assist you. Four days a week, we offer our local and special dishes prepared in the concept of Turkish, Italian, Far East, fish, and international cuisine, to your liking by our trained, friendly service team.

Our indispensable in our kitchen; Flavor of the meals, production in accordance with the prescription, international rules and hygienic conditions. We crown them with the friendly service we never compromised and the satisfaction of our valued guests.
In our restaurant, we have not forgotten the smoking area, children’s restaurant, family section and the area where our guests over 16 years old are served our distinguished tastes in a calm and romantic atmosphere. Especially in the evenings, it will be your habit to spend time with your loved ones under lemon and orange trees, sipping your drinks.
Like the general areas of our hotel, our restaurant is designed with the comfort of disabled guests in mind, priority is given to them in food service and special tables are reserved for them.
Natural products are served in the way they like in our kiosk that we prepare for our children. In addition, baby bottle warmer, microwave oven, bottle sterilizer, blander and rondo are available for your needs.


In our Grill section, which is designed using modern technology, we cook and serve daily changing red meat (lamb and veal), chicken meat and fish on grills prepared on oak charcoal.

The cutting shows prepared by our professional kitchen team and the tastes in our corner where Far Eastern dishes are prepared will offer you additional options.



Lobby Bar
It is our place where you can have a pleasant time during your holiday with its modern interior, unique nature and pool view terrace. In this bar, we serve local and foreign drinks, carefully prepared cocktails, Turkish coffee and brewed tea within the concept with our friendly team.

Laguna Pool Bar
We prepare and serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and various snacks to our guests who enjoy the pool all day long from our poolside bar. When you take a break in sunbathing, you will relieve your tiredness with your loved ones with the drinks offered by our trained and friendly team. During the day, indispensable for your children, our delicious and various open freezing service is made in this bar. We make a short start with our tea time consisting of fresh toast, cookies and pastries in the evening. In our coffee corner, you will enjoy the breezes of the authentic atmosphere and brewed tea and Turkish coffee accompanied by Turkish music. In the evenings, the shows of the show groups prepared by international expert teams will be indispensable.​ ​

Beach Bar
When you want to cool off while enjoying the sea and sand on our beach, our service team will be right next to you. We serve hot and cold drinks in this bar. It will be a habit to watch the sunset and the sparkle of the sea in the romantic atmosphere of our bar.

Beach Buffet
Our buffet, which is close to the seaside, is the section where delicious snacks prepared with care throughout the day are served. It is planned in a way that you, our valued guests and your children, reach the fastest time they need and soothe your hunger.

Sultan "Türk" Restaurant
The evening is locally decorated and prepared in our snack restaurant. The most popular dishes of Turkish and Ottoman palace cuisine are served by our friendly team accompanied by Turkish classical music. We recommend you to taste our kebabs.

Fish A’la Carte Restaurant
In our restaurant, where the sea and fish meet the warmth of the Mediterranean, you can taste our delicious appetizers, fresh fish, accompanied by the sounds of seagulls and ferryboats. You should definitely try this restaurant during your holiday.

Kantaros "Italy" A’la Carte Restaurant
We serve the distinguished dishes of Italian cuisine accompanied by the smell of old pine trees by our expert team. It is up to you to enjoy creative presentations, indispensable tastes and romantic atmosphere. This restaurant has a paid reservation (children under the age of 07 are not allowed in the Italian A la carte restaurant, children over 7 are paid).

You should definitely try the magnificent taste of nomads, pancake varieties and churn buttermilk at the Gözleme house, designed with local architecture from cedar wood. In the same place, in the evenings, the famous Izmir lokma and Saray bite are served from Aegean region sweets.

Snack Restaurant
In our restaurant, we offer traditional Turkish dishes and international flavors under completely hygienic conditions. Here you can find not only snacks, but also pita, pizza, casseroles, grills, doner, desserts, salads and fruits. When the decoration and atmosphere of the place meet great tastes, it will be constantly addictive.

Fiesta Bar
Live music is played every evening in our bar where you can relax with your loved ones in a romantic atmosphere. Live music groups sing the songs our Turkish and foreign guests love so much and show you your dancing skills.

You will make the finale of the day in our disco with specially selected music with our professional DJ. On some evenings, we color our disco with our After party and dance sows.

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